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Twincam ILQ-X mr2 (608)
  • Twincam ILQ-X mr2 (608)

    Twincam ILQ-X mr2 (608) bearings are ultra light, dust-protected and fast! The mr2 bearing weights 8,6g including the spacer compared to 11,2g of the standard 608 bearings. 

    16 pieces per pack, plus 8 aluminium UFO spacers.

    • 29% lighter than 608 bearing.
    • 7 ball design. Increase Cr. And Cor.
    • Exclusive design nylon retainer. Reduce noise.
    • Exclusive design “SCRS”,
    • Exclusive design “DCF”, provides maximum anti contamination.
    • Lubricant: TK Ultra Light Gel
    • Design for professional speed skaters.
      ₹5,999.00 Regular Price
      ₹5,499.00Sale Price