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Ninja Minimiser Bearings 608
  • Ninja Minimiser Bearings 608

    Ninja Bearing Mini-Miser
    The Ninja Mini Miser is
    certainly one of the best bearing in the world
    Lighter than any conventional speed bearings
    The Ninja Mini Miser features
    16 Mini bearings
    16 Black Sleeves
    8 Spacers
    Made in Japan
    The Ninja Mini Miser come only in pack of 16.


    Ultra Mini High performance, Bearing upgrade system, the revolutionary new ultralight skate bearing system.


    Only NiNjAs are made in Japan at the world’s most advanced bearing manufacturing facility using state of the art materials…


    The entire facility is an automated “clean room” for superior finishing and construction.

    NiNjA Bearing engineers have customized the NiNjA Bearing line to excel for Inline speed skating as well as skateboarding demands including unmatched speed under skate-load, superior side-load speed/strength, and superior weight-bearing impact shock-load capabilities.


    NiNjA Bearings are fully “Skate Tested” and “Performance Proven”. NiNjAs also surpass both ABEC and the more stringent JIS ratings, which is very good. Not bad.


    NiNjAs’ high carbon chrome bearing steel raceways are purified, refined and finished like no other.


    NiNjA balls are super-hardened AKS balls, micro-finished to perfection w/ the implementation of ultra finite “ball matching automation” for exactness to eliminate wobble, minimize friction and maximize speed.


    NiNjAs were the first to utilize (and have always had) cutting edge labyrinth technology with the most effective labyrinth cut and shield configuration for maximum protection of inner bearing parts from outside elements while providing unmatched speed.


    NiNjA’s shields also assist w/ a cooler spin and far less heat build-up compared to rubber-coated shields…. less heat means less friction and less eventual internal structural deformation. NiNjA bearings are also easy to service.