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CATS LEOPARD Skate Bearings
  • CATS LEOPARD Skate Bearings

    LEOPARD's are one of the fastest animals in the feline world only next to CHEETAH, similarly these bearings are one of the fastest and most long lasting steel bearings in the market. These Cats bearings are designed to get you on the Race Track and win like a leopard, by making your skates faster with less vibration and increased power.


    CATS Bearings Racing Steels

    • Bearing Races made of extra refined Vacuum degassed 100Cr6 Bearing races for long life
    • Removable type non-contact rubber seal with non-rusting stainless steel inserts
    • Skate grade extra refined super fine bearing tolerances for high speed racing
    • Large Radial Clearances adjusted for high speeds(in straight line) and axial loads (for turns)
    • Extra super fine ground raceways for high speed smooth riding
    • Polyamide ball retainer for high speed and low sound
    • Special lubrication for high speed skating
    • Supplied as a package with Hard Anodised Aluminium Spacer, Lubrication oil & Bearing washer
    • Identified with brown colour CATSTM seal

    Truly magnificent, rogue, inquisitive and ravenous – all qualities are used to describe a leopard and the leopard version of our bearings, which will give your skates the same muscular power and promptitude as in the legs of a leopard.